HERO and CRA Partner

Membership Benefits


Why not give business to those who try harder!

Here is a list of our valued partners.  After a careful selection of their business offer, we negotiated with them to guarantee they would offer preferential rates and conditions to our business.  They do this for you and that's why we think we should give them our business! 

Who are the HERO Partners:

A careful selection of business that have an appeal to our community of classic car enthusiasts and who have agreed to offer preferential rates and conditions to our Premier Members .  Whether it be directly related to the automobile industry (manufacturers, dealers, restoration shops, parts, accessories or services...) or simply relevant to our needs and wants (lodging, transport, legal, media...), these businesses have agreed to try harder for us, in order to assure you the best rally experience.

Our selection process:

We select our partners based on several factors including, public reputation, recommendation from other HERO Members, our own experience with their business, value of their offering, quality and consistency of the service, etc.

What benefits  do they offer:

Benefits may vary from one partner to another, even if they may be from the same industry or provide the same services.  Most often, we will ask our partners to provide our Premier Members with preferential rates (sometimes beyond 25%!), added value to their services or products, upgrades, complimentary gifts etc... Please visit each partner for a detailed list of benefits.

How to become a HERO Partner:

Contact us directly and we will examine your request.  Should we decline it, we will provide you with a detailed feedback on our decision.

How to become a HERO Premier Member:

As you might have noticed, to access these benefits, you must have a Premier membership.  To join, simply click on "Members Area".  Your GBP100 per annum membership fee will open you to thousands of savings in discounts and complimentary services.