Classic Car Hire

The ‘Historic Endurance Rallying Organisation’ (HERO).

HERO is a classic car club recognised by the MSA, who are the official governing body for motor sport in the UK. The club specialises in organising endurance rally stages such as the “Celtic Malts Classic Car Tour” and most famously “Le Jog”; an intense winter-time rally for cars built before 1984, starting at ‘Lands End’ and finishing at ‘John O’Groats’.

HERO is delighted to have grown to a significant standing in recent years, as more and more enthusiasts from all over Europe attempt to try their hand at the challenging events hosted each year. However, we recognise that not all of us are fortunate enough to own a classic, so one of our ambitions is to share the experience that a classic car has to offer. Therefore HERO have recently created our ‘Arrive and Drive’ Hire package. Cars can be collected by the hirer, from our base in South Wales, or delivered and collected to and from an event. Arrangements can also be made to view and drive the cars prior to hiring – simply choose a vehicle, and enter an event.

At HERO we follow the classic car shows and events that take place all around Europe, giving our members discounted rates on upcoming show tickets and entries. We also dedicate a large amount of our time locating spare parts for classics. Making HERO the perfect central hub for classic car enthusiasts.