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HERO and CRA Partner

Classic Car Hire, Assist, Transport and Storage

HERO Assist provides a range of services tailored to meet the needs of every classic car owner. We support you with mechanical assistance (both on and off HERO and CRA events), safe storage facilities (across various locations in the UK and abroad), car hire (Arrive & Drive) and worldwide classic car transportation.

Car Storage:

We offer various locations to store your classic car, all of which are secure, heated and manned indoor facilities around the UK and abroad. This service includes:

  • Full wash on arrival and each time the car returns from an event;
  •  Vehicle kept in a “ready to go” condition with battery, tyres and fluid levels checked and topped up each month;
  • Car started regularly, brought up to temperature, driven for a short distance and then checked for leaks thirty minutes after engine has been switched off;
  •  Fully alarmed secure premises with 24-hour CCTV recording and remote monitoring;
  • Retained mechanic with extensive classic car experience;
  • Insurance cover.


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Transport & Logistics:

We can arrange for your car to be collected or delivered anywhere within the UK and abroad. Special transport arrangements can usually be made for overseas clients wishing to transport a car abroad. If the car is stored in a HERO Assist Centre, then you can have your car delivered to your home address at any time and picked up just as easily when you are finished using it, with the full comfort and knowledge that HERO Assist will clean, test, prepare, check the levels and look after it before its next outing.


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Mechanical Support:

All the events organized by HERO and the CRA also benefit from on-event mechanical support.  The support offered is specific to classic cars and is designed to ensure a quick recovery and allow the participant to complete the event. If something unforeseen develops that requires specialist parts or repair facilities HERO Assist can help make all necessary arrangements. These mechanics also look after the cars stored by HERO Assist making sure that your enjoyment of your classic car is as stress-free as possible.


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Then contact; or telephone +44(0)1656 740275 for more information.